Whole30 – Day 17

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Another high carb Whole30 Day.  Another two energy bar morning.  This has nothing to do with my energy levels, I feel amazing.  It has everything to do with the fact that my will power is weak especially during this “time of the month”.  Normally I go to my Crossfit gym and do the Open workout with everyone else, but I just wasn’t feeling it today.  So I took my son to go cheer everyone else on and then my husband went with us out for dinner.  Tomorrow will be better.


Double bar day:(

RX Bar - Chocolate Sea Salt
RX Bar – Chocolate Sea Salt

Whole30 Day 6 Snack









Forgot to take picture… My husband cooked me up a steak when he cooked his last night and I ate it for lunch since I had already stuffed my face with Oysters and Salmon


Stealing a picture since I was out of it today and didn’t take any pictures.

Whole30 Day 14 Breakfast








Oh, wait!  I did take this picture.  I shared my smoothie with my son and ate half of his banana. 

Whole30 Day 17 Snack
Whole30 Day 17 Snack








Rest day… mainly because I wanted to curl up in fetal position and wrap myself in a heating pad.

MFP Report:

Whole30 Day 17 MFP
Whole30 Day 17 MFP

Macro Report:

Whole30 Day 17 Macro
Whole30 Day 17 Macro

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