Whole30 – Day 16

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Woohoooooo, into the second half of my Whole30 and it happens to be St. Patty’s Day!  I apologize in advance for any guys reading this, but my future self now knows that my monthly visitor was approaching when analyzing this day.  Whenever I get near to the end of the month, I crave sugar like crazy.  I woke up just yearning for it, hence my TWO energy bars.  Thankfully the RX Bar has decent protein.  My husband and I also decided to go out for dinner.  I was about to chew my arm off by the time he got home and he wasn’t hungry yet.  So he humored me and basically drank delicious looking beer while I ate Oysters, Salmon and Green Beans.  Then we stopped and got him something from the grocery store.  I felt like I had a wooden leg today.


RX Bar - Chocolate Sea Salt
RX Bar – Chocolate Sea Salt

Whole30 Day 6 Snack









Stealing picture from yesterday, same meal, different day.

Whole30 Day 15 Lunch
Whole30 Day 15 Lunch








I’ve never been an oyster expert, but today we just asked for the cheapest ones on the menu.  I think I now realize the difference.  These ones were grittier and larger.  I’m sure there was probably something uncompliant in the mashed potatoes, but I tried to tell the server what I needed.  My son helped me eat them.

IMG_0215 IMG_0216








I am starting to really crave these now.  I need to get an espresso machine one day so I can make my own.  I think I like them better than using coconut milk.










Rest Day!!

MFP Report:

Whole30 Day 16 MFP
Whole30 Day 16 MFP

Macro Report:

At least my protein is up…

Whole30 Day 16 Macro
Whole30 Day 16 Macro

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