Whole30 – Day 14

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Ugh, still in Whole30 blog future and still frustrated about how high my CARB Macro percentage is.  Hindsight is a biatch.  I need to start really planning ahead and logging stuff ahead of time.  I also need to start eating more green things!  I see a lot of fun colorful salads in my future. 

I was really bad today and forgot to take pictures of almost all of my food, but luckily it is the same exact food I have eaten on a previous day so I stole the pictures to complete the visual. 


Local coffee shop fare!

Whole30 Day 14 Breakfast








I can’t remember why I didn’t have a real lunch, maybe it was a crazy busy day at work… either way, thank goodness for RX bar to save the day.

RX Bar - Chocolate Sea Salt
RX Bar – Chocolate Sea Salt










Stolen picture from yesterday’s dinner… same exact dinner on my way home from Crossfit.  Definitely need to up my prepping game.

Whole30 - Day 13 Dinner
Whole30 – Day 13 Dinner










I didn’t think a workout could get worse than yesterdays…. until I did today’s.  I honestly thought this looked fun when I saw it on my computer screen.  This was NOT fun.  A sloth runs faster than I do.  Since I take the class before I coach, I ended up having to scale it to make sure I finished in time to coach my class.  Oddly the 80 air squats were the component of this WOD that gave me the hardest time.

Whole30 Day 14 Workout
Whole30 Day 14 Workout








 MFP Report:

Whole30 Day 14 MFP
Whole30 Day 14 MFP

Macro Report:

Need to up that protein and lower the Carbs.  I think Fats are right on!

Whole30 Day 14 Macro
Whole30 Day 14 Macro

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