Whole30 – Day 13

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Confession time, I am living in the future of this Whole30 blog… I got extremely behind on posting my daily reports and am entering over a week’s worth at one time.  However, this is giving me a great chance to look at the data in a lump sum and I’m realizing how many carbs I’m eating!!!  I am pro-carbs, but I’m almost at 45% of my food intake!  And my protein is way too low.  No wonder I don’t feel like I’m making gains.  Sooooooo, you will see this trend for the next 8 or 9 days since I’m in the future and can’t correct it till then;). 


This breakfast is for my husband and I.  I took one egg with sweet potatoes and gave him the rest.  I love this breakfast, but I think I’m going to switch to a Frittata when I catch up to my future self.

Whole30 - Day 13 Breakfast
Whole30 – Day 13 Breakfast








Whole30 - Day 14
Whole30 – Day 14








I had a coaches meeting at my Crossfit gym.  I didn’t have anything prepped to take with me so I stopped at the trusty Chipotle.

Whole30 - Day 13 Dinner
Whole30 – Day 13 Dinner








Whole30 - Day 13 Snack
Whole30 – Day 13 Snack








A friend of mine called this biked “Satan’s Tricycle”.  SO TRUE!  This workout was awful.  I am pretty sure I wanted to cry on the second 50 cals.  The Kettlebell swings were the easy part!

IMG_0190 IMG_0186








MFP Report:

Whole30 Day 13 MFP
Whole30 Day 13 MFP

Macro Report:

Whole30 Day 13 Macro
Whole30 Day 13 Macro

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