Giant Magnetic Chalkboard Wall Calendar

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Magnetic Chalkboard Wall Calendar

My Mom and I made this Giant Magnetic Chalkboard Wall Mounted Calendar after I saw a Pinterest pic of a calendar painted onto the wall.  I wanted my calendar to be portable in case we moved.  My Mom started the calendar for me as a surprise!  She got a large piece of galvanized steel and glued it to a piece of pegboard cut to the same size as the steel to give it some rigidity.  She tested a magnet on the steel first;).  

Giant Chalkboard Calendar


The Steps:

My Mom gave it to me to paint since she didn’t know how I envisioned it.  First, I painted the entire calendar with black chalkboard paint.  I rolled it on.

Painting Chalkboard Calendar

Next, I taped off a rectangle (one side at a time) and painted the frame for the grid section of the calendar.  I made my frame 1/4″ thick and painted it gray.  

starting chalkboard grid frameChalkboard calendar frame









This next step is where I messed up….. so do as I say and not as I do.  For some reason I made eight columns instead of seven.  Apparently, in the fluffy bunny rainbow world I live in, there are eight days in a week.  My husband teased me about this relentlessly.  I just told him I added an extra row for notes.  I picked four colors to make the squares (one being the original black, so technically three).  I figured out how many grids I needed up and down (incorrectly).  Then started tapping off the sections for one row at a time and one color at a time.  I bought some color samples from Home Depot and added 2 tablespoons of Non-sanded grout to make it “Chalkboard” paint.  The paint dried pretty quickly and I was able to get through the grid painting in one day.









Hanging this Giant Magnetic Chalkboard Wall Mounted Calendar on the wall was the tricky part.  My Mom and I went to our home away from home, Home Depot, and searched the store for the perfect way to get this heavy calendar up on the wall.  We ended up finding a thin metal drawer glide with a small lip (I’ll see if I can find it again to provide the details).  We put one on the top and one on the bottom and decided to just slide the calendar into place.  It worked perfectly!  

Finished Chalkboard Calendar without month and numbers














NOTES for Giant Magnetic Chalkboard Wall Mounted Calendar:

  • You can’t use a chalk marker on this since it doesn’t come off (I found that out the hard way and tested it on a small section and had to repaint over it).
  • Kids sidewalk chalk works great to write the month and draw fun pictures the go along with the season.  Or you can use regular chalk (like you used in elementary school).
  • I added some magnetic clips so we can hang wedding invitations, cards, pictures and what not up there. I even printed a bunch of recipe cards and started using the clips to mount them on the day they were going to be cooked, but that didn’t last long.

Chalkboard Calendar

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