Chicken Bone Broth

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Crock-pot Chicken Broth

Yet another crazy easy recipe!  This chicken broth is so nutritious and I use it all the time in tons of different recipes.  I make a ton of it in my crock-pot and then freeze it in silicone baby food trays.  I measured out how much filled each slot and it was approximately 1/3 cup.  You can use any silicone or ice tray, just make sure you know how much each slot holds for when you need to grab some for a recipe.

These are the trays I use:

First thing is first, you need some chicken bones!  

I get them two ways.  First, I usually roast a whole chicken from our local farm (see recipe here) and then pull off all the meat.

Chicken Broth  

I throw all the remaining bones in my crockpot.  Second, I add some feet, livers and hearts which I also buy at my local farm (I know, gross!!! But this is where you get a lot of the nutrition in the broth from).  My feet have skin on it still, but the farm scrubs it thoroughly so I just keep it on.  I once tried to remove it by boiling them and it turned out to be a giant mess and I gagged a few times.  Nope, never again.

Chicken Broth

Once you have the bones, then add some seasoning and veggies.  I roughly chop up an onion, carrots, garlic and celery.  I throw in some spices such as a few peppercorns, bay leaves, salt and possibly parsley.

Chicken Broth  

Next I fill the crock-pot with enough water to cover everything.  I set the crock-pot to cook for at least 12 hours on low.  I have left the stock in the crock-pot for longer and it came out perfect.  Lastly, I dump the stock into a giant bowl through a fine-mesh sieve to catch the bones, veggies and spices.  The result is an amazing nutrient dense chicken stock.  Store it in silicon trays in your freezer and then pop them out anytime you need them!

Chicken Broth

I leave you with one final suggestion.  If you have a garage or some place away from the living space, I suggest you leave the crock-pot there.  The stock will stink up the whole house while it’s cooking!

Good luck!

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