Let the blog journey begin!

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A new blog is born:

I have been tossing the idea around of starting a blog for a few months now.  The intent is to provide an outlet for me to organize my thoughts and ideas.  I always have SOOO many ideas swirling around in my brain, it’s like having 100 TV’s on all at once.  I have a hard time honing in on one of them while setting the others aside long enough for me to follow a single thought through to fruition.  Taking the time to organize my thoughts and type it all out is my attempt at a solution to simplify my life.

After giving birth to my son, I just couldn’t seem to get my act together.  I see all of these other Mom’s juggling a busy job, several kiddos, social lives and looking fantastic and I wonder what in the heck they are doing that I am not!  Some days I can barely find time to shower, much less meal plan, food prep, cook, workout, clean and get all my work done!  I was talking to a friend of mine about this and she is convinced that everyone is faking it…. like that duck analogy where the duck looks so serene and peaceful floating on the lake, but under the water his little legs are kicking like crazy.

Key West Hand Stand

(Feeling amazing after my first Whole30 – obligatory Crossfit hand stand photo)

Before I got pregnant, I felt amazing.  I had been doing Crossfit for several years and had even started coaching.  I completed my first Whole30 and I couldn’t believe I went through my whole life feeling the way I did.  Eating clean made me feel like super woman.  It was like I was living my life in a fog that finally lifted.  I even saw my abs for the first time since high school!!!  I fully intended to continue eating clean straight through my pregnancy, but then life just took over.  I was SOOOOOO tired.  For the whole 1st trimester, I have no clue how I even kept my eyes open to get through work.  Then we moved in with my husband’s parents while we built a house (effectively moving twice in 4 months).  It was a circus.  My ankles swelled up early (around 20 weeks) and I spent most of my time trying to elevate them.  My doctors were monitoring me for preeclampsia and my son was HUGE!  He was 9lbs 2oz and was born a week early.  All of this translated to me NOT cooking.

Mom in beast mode Preggo Crossfit warmup

(Memorial Day Murph – Preggo scale)

Once he was born, I just felt like I was on a run away train.  He never latched, so I exclusively pumped for his first year.  I had 12 clogged ducts, two bouts of Mastitis and many instances where I didn’t think I could keep going.  Once he started eating solids, my intentions were always to make all of his food and do my best to teach him from day one to eat clean.  Yep, that didn’t happen.  Thank goodness for those organic pouches of pureed veggies!  The days would just turn into weeks and weeks into months and before I knew it we were celebrating his first birthday.  The nine months of pregnancy felt like twenty years, but then the first year felt like one month.  Me and Ro

And that brings us to now… After spending the past year and half of my life scatter brained, fatigued and overwhelmed I have decided enough is enough.  I am one of those people who thrive with structure and routine.  My husband makes fun of my love for lists.  So just for him, here is my list of priorities:

  1. EAT CLEAN!  – I am ranking this #1 because eating clean translates to everything else.  I’ll have more energy, sleep sounder and think more clearly (not to mention lose body fat and heal my body).
  2. Sleep – I am one of those people that need 8 hours to feel well rested.  Having a baby can make that nearly impossible.
  3. Workout – I am a Crossfiter and love working out with the awesome people at my box.  I’m definitely struggling to get in there as much as I used to pre-kiddo.  My cardio endurance has never been great, but after having my son it seems like just looking at the rower makes me start huffing and puffing.  I find myself stopping and bending over with my hands on my knees often.  I know the only way I’m going to improve is to consistently work at it.

I’m going to use this list to help me rank tasks when I’m short on time.  For instance, if I only have one hour free in a day, I’m going to spend it cooking a healthy meal before I workout.  The purpose of this blog is to track my journey to reclaiming my health while teaching my son to always put his health first and giving him the tools to do so.

Let the journey begin!!

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