Allergies can bite me!

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WTF allergies!

I am ALWAYS sick it seems.  I have really bad allergies.  No allergies my whole life and then BAM!!! they hit in my mid-20’s.  I found out I was allergic to cats after working at a vet clinic.  Then maple and ragweed got added to the mix.  Spring and Fall were pretty miserable for me.  When I got pregnant with my son, I didn’t take any medications and felt like I almost broke several ribs on many occasions coughing during the spring allergy season.  

Jump forward a few years, I decide to get on allergy shots.  My doctor wanted to do a fresh inter-dermal skin test to see if there was anything new he needed to include in the serum.  To my utter horror, I found out I was allergic to dogs.  I seriously love dogs more than I do humans.  I love snuggling my sweet dog and letting her give me kisses on my nose.  She sleeps with us and goes everywhere with us.  There was absolutely NO WAY I was parting ways with my precious Heidi.  Just look at her face, ha!

Allergies and My Fur Baby - Heidi


And then it gets worse…

I have just suffered while searching for answers.  I started the shots.  About a month in, I felt like marbles were growing in the back of my throat.  I went to an ENT totally freaked out and he said I had enlarged lymph nodes, which he suspected was my bodies response to the allergy shots.  However, the only way to get them to calm back down was to try to get my body to relax, hence I had to stay on the shots.  

I have constant post nasal drip, I’m constantly clearing my throat.  My throat is raw and I feel like if I could see inside with a scope it would be infected and pussy.  My hair seems to be falling out.  I am always tired and just feel awful.  The docs did a CT Scan and concluded I had a mild case of Sinusitis.  I went to several doctors and they all concurred my symptoms were allergy related.  

And now it’s time to do something about it…

I decided while I’m waiting and hoping for the allergy shots to work, I would to do anything I could to give my body a little boost in the right direction.  Allergies are an immune response.  Hence my immune system seems to be overly responsive and possibly a little out of control.  When your body is inflamed, your immune system has to work extra hard.  There are certain things that cause inflammation, such as the foods you eat and stress (emotional and physical).  As you are probably aware from this blog, I did a Whole30 back in 2013.  I had never felt more amazing in my life.  

So I started my research here.  Come to find out, there are Whole30 low-histamine and AIP (Auto Immune Protocal) shopping lists.  I reviewed each and made a list of only the foods approved that are on both lists.  Going forward, I’m going to try to do a Whole30 (maybe even longer if possible/needed) but this time eating only low histamine and AIP foods.  The goal is to reduce the inflammation and histamines in my body due to the foods I’m eating.  I’m going to try to document my progress and use My Fitness Pal to review my food intake.  I can already tell you I am eating too much gluten and sugar.  

Here are the foods I will be eating:

ProteinVeggiesFruitFats No's
Seafood, wild-caught + sustainably fishedAcorn SquashapplesAnimal Fatsno nuts, seeds
Ruminants (beef, buffalo, lamb, elk, venison), grass-fed & organicAnise/Fennel RootapricotsCoconut Oilno fermented foods (kombucha)
Poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant), patured & organicArtichokeblackberriesEVOOno canned meats
Non-Ruminants (pork, wild boar, rabbit), pastured & organicArugulablueberriesCoconut Butterno procressed/cured/smoked/leftover meats
Cooked EggsAsparaguscherriesCoconut meat/flakesno vinegar
Beetsdates/figscoconut milk (canned)no cocoa/chocolate
Bok Choyexotic fruit (star fruit, quince)olives (all)no black/green tea
Broccoli/Broccolinigrapes (green/red)limit coffee/avocado
Brussels SproutsMelonavoid all peppers and spices in nightshade family (paprika, cayenne, chili powder, curry, red pepper)
Buttercup SquashNectarinesno NSAIDS (advil, aspirin
Butternut SquashPeachesno dried fruits
CabbagePears (all varieties)no citrus
Collard GreensWatermelon
Delicata Squash
Greens (beet, mustard, turnip)
Lettuce (bibb, butter, red)
Mushrooms, all
Snow/Sugar Snap Peas
Spaghetti Squash
Summer Squash
Sweet Potato/Yams
Swiss Chard


Let’s get physical!

The second part of the equation is stress.  I currently Crossfit five to six times a week.  I will continue to do this, but I am going to ease off the intensity a bit.  I’m going to swap out some of my Crossfit workouts with some Yoga.  If I don’t see any results after fixing my food for 30 days then maybe I’ll revisit this, but maintaining my strength is important to me.


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