KeyWest HandstandHi Guys!  We don’t live on a farm… or have a pet sheep.  I just really like that photo and I’m keeping it (for now at least).  I am a Wife and Mom who feels like I’m on a run away crazy train.  I’m doing my best to find a balance in life with the help of this blog.  I love Crossfit.  I am a biology major flunky turned accounting major.  After getting 2/3’s of the way through my bio degree I decided ignorance was bliss when it came to all the microscopic bugs making everyone sick!  I am a giant hypochondriac (my poor husband deals with me quite well).

We DIY everything!  It is so rewarding to walk through our home and see all of the hard work and personal expression.  When I say “we”, I pretty much mean I scour Pinterest and then sucker my Mom and Dad into doing all the work while I watch.  I swear I try, but my Mom starts twitching every time she sees me using a power tool and somehow ends up doing it herself (she is the ultimate perfectionist).